We Love GitHub. But GitHub Packages is a feature, not a solution

Switch to Cloudsmith for a complete, long-term solution for package management

Cloudsmith vs GitHub Packages. What’s the most complete solution for your teams?

BeforeVery limited - GitHub Packages supports a handful of software package formats. What if your teams need something else? You'll need workarounds for many package formats.
AfterCloudsmith is future proof - we support 28 package formats natively, with more coming on-stream every month.
No isolation - You’re still pulling code from shaky upstreams - no upstream proxying, or caching. This is not a secure software supply chain
Cloudsmith proxys and caches public upstreams - protecting your team from upstream outages, dependency confusion, namesquatting, typosquatting, denial of service - by proxying and caching your upstreams
Limited observability - If something goes wrong, how will you know? GitHub offers really limited traceability and audit trail
With Cloudsmith you get complete visibility and traceability of all software package usage
Tiny amounts of storage
With Cloudsmith you get generous storage allowances, starting at 5GB, with affordable pricing plans to suit all teams

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