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Cloudsmith vs AWS CodeArtifact. Which one is right for your team?

With AWS CodeArtifactUnpredictable pricing. AWS CodeArtifact makes the job of managing your AWS bill even more difficult, with complex pricing based on storage, download requests, data transfer between regions etc.
With CloudsmithCloudsmith offers completely predictable pricing. We have plans to suit teams of all sizes. If you exceed your plan's storage, you'll pay a pre-agreed rate per MB. That's it.
Limited package format support. AWS CodeArtifact is really only designed to handle NPM, Python, Maven and Nuget natively. Everything else is treated as a generic artifact, meaning you'll have to re-think your tooling
Cloudsmith supports 28 package formats natively, with more coming on-stream each month. And yes, we also support raw binary assets too.
No security scanning, unless you implement it yourself
Hourly updates to the Cloudsmith CVE database means by the time your packages reach production, they’ve been scanned repeatedly for very newest exposures, plus well-known vulnerabilities
Struggling to get attention and support from a technology behemoth
Friendly support directly from the engineers who build Cloudsmith (not middle management), and additional support when you need it most

Helpful Cloudsmith Resources

If you're switching to Cloudsmith from AWS CodeArtifact, or adopting Cloudsmith as your artifact management solution, here are some useful resources to get you started.

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