Does your team need flexibility and performance that's impossible with Azure Artifacts?

Cloudsmith is your solution for universal, secure, cloud-native artifact management

Cloudsmith vs Azure Artifacts. Which one is best for your team?

With Azure ArtifactsAzure Artifacts natively supports Maven, npm, NuGet, and Python packages. That's it...
With CloudsmithCloudsmith is truly future proof; supporting 28 package formats, with more launching each quarter. We also support raw binaries and arbitrary file types.
You need a separate product, Azure Container Registry, to manage Docker and other container images
Cloudsmith offers a complete Docker registry that works with all current and upcoming versions of the Docker engine. With Cloudsmith, you can easily manage, inspect, push, and pull container images, both publicly and privately - right alongside your other software packages
Your teams find it difficult to get timely support from a technology giant, let alone speak to their engineers
Direct support from the engineers who build Cloudsmith, and custom support offerings for our Ultra customers

Selected Resources

If you're switching to Cloudsmith from Azure Artifacts, or just getting started with artifact management, here are some useful resources to help you succeed.

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