ProGlove: Enhancing Productivity with Wearable Scanner Solutions

ProGlove is a trailblazer in the realm of wearable technology for industrial applications. Their innovative heart lies in a smart glove, a unique wearable brimming with scanners and sensors, designed to lend a helping hand to workers engaged in tasks such as inventory management, quality control, and assembly line production.

ProGlove’s technology is built to work in harmony with existing systems, facilitating effortless integration of their wearables into a company’s workflows. Their roster of clients speaks volumes about their capabilities, including heavyweights in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods manufacturing sectors.

With an illustrious track record of awards for their groundbreaking technology and the backing of several venture capital firms, ProGlove’s journey is one of relentless innovation. Operating from its headquarters in Munich, Germany, the company also maintains a presence across the United States and Europe.

ProGlove’s Success

ProGlove’s journey began in 2014 when Alexander Grots, Jonas Girardet, Manuel Boenisch, Paul Günther, and Thomas Kirchner established the company. Their unique story, innovative vision, and third-place win at the Intel Challenge led to the development of their first prototype, paving the way for the success they enjoy today. Collaborations with established companies like Festo have further propelled their growth and influence.

ProGlove’s success is anchored in their commitment to create solutions that transform the industrial workspace. The ProGlove system’s ingenious design permits a hands-free approach to inventory management and quality control, which allows workers to execute scanning and verification tasks with greater speed and ease. In turn, this diminishes the likelihood of errors and augments overall efficiency. To ensure optimal performance, the system offers real-time feedback, prompting workers to make in-the-moment adjustments and enhance their productivity. With the elimination of manual data entry, ProGlove’s system bolsters accuracy and time management, thereby improving productivity, cutting costs, and amplifying worker safety and satisfaction.

Life before Cloudsmith

Before their partnership with Cloudsmith, ProGlove had been using Artifactory for their software package management. As ProGlove began to expand and innovate, they found that Artifactory was not fully equipped to meet their growing needs. In particular, ProGlove needed a system that could handle download management more effectively. Their specific requirements included being able to attach End-User License Agreements (EULAs) to downloads, record who accepted these EULAs, and manage customer users on an individual basis.

The challenge they faced was finding a solution that could streamline these processes without creating additional complexity. They considered using Artifactory in conjunction with Bintray, a distribution and analytics platform. But this combination required them to opt for a PRO level service, adding another layer to their software package management.

In the search for a more seamless solution, ProGlove ultimately decided to migrate from Artifactory. They were seeking a system that could cater to their expanding needs without sacrificing efficiency or user-friendliness. The move marked the beginning of a new chapter in their software management strategy, one that would hopefully align better with their mission to improve productivity and streamline workflows in warehouse and production line settings.

Thanks to Cloudsmith

Once ProGlove migrated to Cloudsmith, they immediately began to experience the benefits of the platform’s advanced functionality. A critical challenge that ProGlove had been facing was ensuring that their legal requirements were adequately met, particularly in relation to End-User License Agreements (EULA).

Cloudsmith offered a straightforward and efficient solution to this issue: we made it possible to track each user who signed the EULA before they downloaded ProGlove’s software. This feature was not merely a convenience, but a critical component in ensuring ProGlove’s compliance with legal requirements.

The transition to Cloudsmith was like turning on a light in a previously dimly lit room. Suddenly, ProGlove found themselves with a clear, unambiguous record of who had agreed to their EULA, and when. This provided them with a solid legal footing and a strong sense of assurance. This functionality brought about more than just practical convenience; it also provided peace of mind.

Cloudsmith’s robust and easy-to-use platform therefore proved to be instrumental in addressing an essential compliance issue for ProGlove. It became a crucial ally in ProGlove’s mission to deliver efficient, user-friendly, and legally sound solutions to industries around the world.

Our experience with Cloudsmith has been really good. It’s a nice, intuitive UI, and it allows us to really store all of our binaries and all of the kind of files that we need there. There’s really nice, helpful things like time to live on documents, so we know we’ve got automatic cleanup of logs. Also, really good user management. That really helps us with regards to defining who has access to what, and who can modify what and when - so that’s really good. Overall, we’re really super happy with Cloudsmith!
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Keith Ball

VP of Software Engineering at ProGlove

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