High performance, secure, universal artifact management for myob

myob is an Australian-based software company that provides accounting, payroll, and business management solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s products include cloud-based accounting software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, and point-of-sale systems. myob’s software is used by over one million businesses across Australia and New Zealand, as well as in other markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States.

As a business-critical software supplier, providing a ‘single source of truth’ for hundreds of developers working with them across multiple sites in Australia and New Zealand was key.

As an organization handling thousands of packages across multiple languages and platforms, all accessed by development teams in multiple locations, is a major priority for myob. A single, universal solution was required, removing the need to deal with multiple vendors, as was the ability to manage teams and individuals in terms of access permissions. They also needed a vendor who could handle all operational issues – in effect acting as a partner.

By adopting Cloudsmith, myob addresses all these concerns. Cloudsmith ensures all team members have access to the packages they need, when they need them. It provides a separate layer that improves availability and security outcomes. The solution also provides detailed auditing and provenance data, so myob is aware of how packages are being used throughout the organization.

Cloudsmith’s approach to artifact management gives us strong access control and dynamic integration, a real boon when supporting varied development teams. The Cloudsmith team is responsive and open, which is what I need from my tier 1 vendors.
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Mel Boyce

Principal DevOps Engineer at myob

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